Like Funky Art Deco Furniture And Decor Options? How To Decorate Your Space

If you love funky modern designs, furniture pieces, and décor, or if you want to have a space like no one else has, there are some things to take into consideration when decorating. If you want to make sure that your living space reflects the styles that you are into and that you get the look that you want, you have to make sure that you have the right staple pieces to anchor down the look of the room and that you decorate appropriately.

What To Look For In An Antique To Find A Worthwhile Item

If you are interested in antiques, then you may want to start buying some items and trying your hand at reselling. While a vast amount of knowledge is required to successfully curate a true antique collection, you can be relatively successful as an amateur as long as you pay attention to a few things as you shop at secondhand stores and garage sales. Keep reading to learn about a few things that can tip you off that an item may be worth some money.

Tips For Choosing Art As A Gift

When you really want to give someone a gift that will last for a lifetime (and beyond) as well as provide plenty of immediate enjoyment, give your loved one an original work of art. The enjoyment of art varies from person to person, though, and so you may be confused about which piece of art may bring them the most joy. Here are a few tips to help make this gift-selecting process for the art lover in your life a bit easier.

Three Key Things To Keep In Mind When You Seek An Antiques Appraisal

Having old things and having things of value are sometimes not one and the same. If you have several old family heirlooms and you want to know which ones are valuable, an antiques appraisal (available from firms like Davis & Associates-Marc Davis) is definitely the way to go. Here are three key things to keep in mind when you take several old items to be appraised. 1. Handcrafted Items Are Difficult to Price

A Few Of The Most Important Canadian Native Artists

Many Canadians may not realize this, but native or Inuit art has become a phenomenon. Dozens of unique and skilled artists are showcasing their beautiful cultures in a variety of different mediums. The following native artists are just some of the most important. Their work covers everything from carving, to painting, and even film making: Annie Pootoogook Annie Pootoogook is a native of Cape Dorset who started drawing relatively late in life.