Start Your Own Art Collection With Patricia Buckley Moss Art

If you are looking for a classic American artist to add to your home art gallery, look no further than P Buckley Moss. Known for her exceptional artistry and repertoire of styles, Moss has many different forms of art available that could add to any collection. In an effort to help you find what you are looking for, here are a few of her most famous styles, along with why they are so appealing. 


While some of her work is more serious, this artist definitely has a playful side too. Many of her whimsical pieces include fanciful animals or renditions of nursery rhymes, many exuding a feeling of magic and wonder. While some of her whimsical work may befit a child or nursery, others can inspire the mind of adults to ponder the beauty of animals. 

Plain People

The Plain People collection focuses mostly on Moss' time with her Mennonite and Amish neighbors. Simple, yet touching, these renditions have a bit of a playful edge while still being respectful. This collection offers a sort of reverence for the dedication and lifestyle of its subjects. Moss' interpretation of the Amish and Mennonite people sheds light on the beauty of simplicity. 

Landscapes and Buildings

Her more technical work comes in the form of landscapes and buildings. From college campuses to busy farms, there is no end to what Moss can make beautiful. Most of her images bring a depth to nature that is sometimes missed in art, allowing the observer to focus not just on the building but the surrounding area with its wildlife. Many viewers enjoy the slight playfulness that Moss offers while appreciating the straight lines and ambiance. 

Other Mediums

If framed art is not your thing, Moss offers plenty of different mediums as well. From Christmas ornaments, to cross stitches and figurines, there are plenty of choices. Some of the most popular choices are her porcelain necklaces and pendants. A perfect gift for a mother or grandmother who enjoys fine art. 

In conclusion, no matter what your style is you will likely be able to find a piece that fits right in. Patricia Buckley Moss is a cherished American artist whose art will hold a prized place in homes for decades. You can order your own piece online, or find a dealer near you. Whether it is a holiday or birthday, there is always a reason to start a fine art collection.