Tips For Choosing Art As A Gift

When you really want to give someone a gift that will last for a lifetime (and beyond) as well as provide plenty of immediate enjoyment, give your loved one an original work of art. The enjoyment of art varies from person to person, though, and so you may be confused about which piece of art may bring them the most joy. Here are a few tips to help make this gift-selecting process for the art lover in your life a bit easier.

Ask the 5 W's

Dig a bit deeper into the reasons that your loved one likes certain works of art by asking things that are commonly referred to as the "5 W's": who, what, where, when, and why. First, the who established which artist the person admires. Next, knowing what the person loves about the art and where it was first discovered gives you further clues as to the loved one's relationship with art. The same is true for when the artwork was discovered. Finally, knowing why someone loves certain pieces of artwork and not others will give you the most useful information when choosing art for the future recipient.

Look Around

Visit the person's home and look around in detail at which artworks are on display. Most people will only hang things in their homes that make them feel wonderful, and they likely showcase the art they love the most for all to enjoy. However, also visit the person's bedroom if you can. Sometimes people will actually display art that they love the most in their bedroom, where it is a bit more private, if they are afraid of the reactions of guests.

Talk About What You Like and Dislike

Bring up the subject of art to your friend by discussing a recent experience you have had an art gallery, art shop, or museum. When you start talking about what you like or dislike about specific art pieces, you will likely inspire your friend to also share opinions on the topic of what is good or bad about art. When you bring it up this way, and in the context of discussing your own experience, your loved one is likely to not suspect that you are fishing for information.

Finally, keep in mind that art is an investment on multiple levels. Visit the art shop with that concept in mind. The recipient of your generous art gift is likely to appreciate it on multiple levels, too. It's hard to go wrong with artwork as a present, so follow these tips, and you are sure to delight your loved one with your gift.

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