Three Key Things To Keep In Mind When You Seek An Antiques Appraisal

Having old things and having things of value are sometimes not one and the same. If you have several old family heirlooms and you want to know which ones are valuable, an antiques appraisal (available from firms like Davis & Associates-Marc Davis) is definitely the way to go. Here are three key things to keep in mind when you take several old items to be appraised.

1. Handcrafted Items Are Difficult to Price

Old and handcrafted items can sometimes be very difficult for an antiques appraiser to assess. For example, you have a wind-up music box that is wooden and made with lots of ornate little figures on the top. If it does not bear a company or manufacturer's mark, the appraiser has to assume it was an individual artisan who made it. In that case, the value is based on how attractive the piece is and what it might be worth to a collector at auction. Other items, such as handcrafted furniture or quilts that are clearly made by the Amish people, are much easier to attach a value to because of their association to a group of people renowned for their skills and craftsmanship.

2. Forgeries Can Look Priceless

Some of the best forgeries of the world's most priceless items may look priceless themselves, but are in fact worthless. If you are sifting through your parents' estate and you find what you think is a Ming vase in a box or case, do not be too surprised when an antiques appraiser tells you that you have a forgery. It is a rare thing indeed to find priceless items hiding amongst all of the old things family members leave behind, but if you find something of value, an appraiser will definitely help you recognize it.

3. A "Certified" Appraisal Helps You Insure Items of Value

If the antiques appraiser says that you do indeed have some things of value, be sure to get a certified appraisal. The certificate verifies what the appraiser says the item is, in his or her expert opinion, what it is worth to collectors and what it could possibly bring at auction. The certified appraisal will help you insure items of value in your home against theft, damage, loss of use, fire, water, etc. It is also proof of its value that you can pass on to your heirs so they can decide what to do with the items they inherit knowing the items' values.